The memories that a person forges as a young person, are often remembered when they become an adult, for good or for bad. Let going to your Los Angeles children’s dentist be a good memory for your little ones. Dr. Nicolas’s friendly staff in Orange County is conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles. Let going to the dentist become one of your kid’s positive, lifelong habits while they are still young!

Canyon Hills Dental is your Los Angles children’s dentist. Dr. Epifania Nicolas will make your kid’s smile beautiful with her professional dentistry skills! Maybe they need braces? Or have a broken tooth after a long day of roughing around! Dr. Nicolas is highly certified and desires that you, the parents, are well informed about any treatment you are considering for your children.

Orthodontic care is a form of dentistry that fixes irregularities in the face and teeth. Braces or removable appliances that may be removed and affixed by the patient such as retainers are used at dentistry offices for orthodontics. The purpose of these devices are to: straighten teeth, correct a crooked bite, close gaps, and/or straighten the teeth and jaw into alignment. Orthodontics are not just a temporary fix, but are designed to produce long-term dental health benefits. Both flossing and brushing are far easier when teeth are in alignment. It also reduces the risk for tooth decay, helps prevent gingivitis, and helps to reduce gum inflammation. Starting orthodontic treatment early in life while children are still growing! It can mean a healthy teen and adulthood. Dr. Nicholas and the Canyon Hills staff are here for your Los Angeles children’s dentist. They can go over this form of dentistry with you.

Restorative Dentistry Is the route you will want to take if your kid has a broken tooth. Its allows the natural structure of the tooth to be resored in a safe and lasting way. Fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and dentures are all things that are open to you in this form of dentistry. Healthy teeth are attractive teeth! Dr. Nicholas will go over what type of restoration is best for your family.