Canyon Hills Dental invites you to come see their remodeled and newly renovated and office! They have locations in Orange and Lamont. Canyon Hills Dental desires to provide the public with affordable dentistry without ever compromising on quality service.

Please take a minute to review the media release attached and help get the word out for this exciting update!
Canyon Hills Invites You to Visit Their Newly Renovated Office!

August 2015 – Canyon Hills Dental office has been renovated and remodeled with state of the art equipment! Come visit Canyon Hills Dental’s Newly Renovated Office for dental services that are affordable and accessible for all patients. Our Newly Renovated Office staff is also fluent in English, Spanish and Filipino.

Dr. Nicolas provides the finest quality dental care available today at her Newly Renovated Office. She has extensive experience in cosmetic & preventive dentistry, oral surgery (such as wisdom teeth extraction), impacted teeth extraction, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, bonding, dentures, partials, tooth colored fillings, teeth whitening, restorative dentistry, root canal therapy (RCT), and all other types of dentistry to create that winning smile you desire at our Newly Renovated Office.

Canyon Hills Dental serves the dental needs of everyone young and old alike in Orange, Riverside and Kern Counties. Canyon Hills Dental Newly Renovated Office accepts most PPO dental insurances. And for those without insurance, at our Newly Renovated Office we provide substantial discounts and monthly payment plans with 0% interest!

The staff at Canyon Hills Dental understands the importance of providing these services to their patients in the most comfortable, stress-free manner.

Canyon Hills Dental wants to keep you smiling for a long time!