Why is Dr. Eppie Nicolas an excellent Yorba Linda Dentist? What is Canyon Hills motto they continually go by? They believe everyone should have “That Winning Smile You So Desire.” Whatever your needs, Dr. Nicolas is prepared to take care of it because she and her staff are highly trained and work together as a team to keep their patients happy. Their main focus is not on getting tons of patients or money but on giving their patients excellent service- it’s all about quality not quantity.

For 25 years, Dr. Nicolas has been practicing the art of dentistry. She has put her dentistry skills to use since 1992 in the United States. Further more, she is licensed with the Dental Board of California. From 1985 to 1992, she was on special assignment in the Philippines. She is the Yorba Linda Dentist.

Between Dr. Nicolas’ wealth of knowledge and her highly experienced and dependable staff, Canyon Hills Dental is where you will find your new Yorba Linda Dentist.

The Yorba Linda Dentist strives to make every dental restoration placed in the mouth look perfectly natural, whether it’s a single filling or something more complex. A healthy looking smile and a beautiful one are the two keys for a natural smile. Dr. Nicolas wants all her patients to have this luxury. Check out her options below!

Procedures of this Cosmetic Dentist for Riverside County include:

  • metal-free restorations
  • porcelain crowns
  • porcelain onlays
  • tooth colored fillings
  • veneers
  • dental bleaching / teeth whitening

Metal restorations, black fillings, porcelain crowns with gray at the gum line- they are all thing of the past that can be eliminated! No longer is unsightly metal needed to strengthen dental restorations. Modern dental materials are now widely available and strong. Dr. Nicolas makes use of her extensive training to deliver quality metal-free work.

A beautiful smile is what we create and because of this we are called the Yorba Linda Dentist. Our locations are below, close to Yorba Linda and surrounding areas.